12-Goal USPA Commander-in-Chief Cup Final

12-Goal USPA Commander-in-Chief Cup Final

6 Mar, 2022


The Twelfth Sunday Polo of the 2022 Sarasota Polo Season saw the finals of the 2022 12-Goal USPA Commander-in-Chief Cup Final.

Hillcroft Farm defeated Whiskey Pond.

MVP: Nachi Viana of Hillcroft Farm
BPP: “Regia” played by Toto Collardin of Whiskey Pond

Best Playing Pony Sponsor: Marc Bokoff – Cruise Planners

Trophies courtesy of the USPA, the Sarasota Polo Club, Nautical Gin and Celebrity Cruises / Cruise Planners

Tailgate Theme: 70’s Disco Party
Costume Contest at halftime. Best Air Guitar Contest at halftime.

Announcer: Bradley Hendrix
DJ: Bradley Hendrix
Photographer: Julio Aguilar

American Flag Presented by Director of Operations Paige Lautzenheiser and Chocola, owned by Tammy Wyman