Welcome to the Sarasota Polo Club

Polo is a community sport like no other. The Sarasota Polo Club is one of the largest, most dedicated and enthusiastic polo communities in the world. An estimated 50,000 spectators will be on hand during our 2025 Season here at the Sarasota Polo Club. Stay tuned for 2025 Season information.

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Tickets for the Sarasota Polo Club 2025 Season will be released in the fall. Please stay tuned!

About Our Sport

There is nothing else like it. Polo is an exhilarating exhibition of teamwork and coordination between horse and rider. What other competitive team sport requires you to whack a ball, maneuvering your way through a cluster of thundering hooves, one hand gripping your reins, one hand hoisting your mallet, all while racing full-out, balancing on the back of a powerful horse? Welcome to Polo.

About Our Club

Established in 1991 as the first development in the award-winning, master-planned community of Lakewood Ranch, the Sarasota Polo Club has a remarkable legacy. In 1922, our property was settled as a 28,000-acre timber ranch. Originally, the cowboys who worked on our ranch began playing knock around polo games in their free time. Riding their quarter horses with stock saddles, using make-shift equipment and knowing very little about polo, the cowboys played by their own rules. Rule #1 was the first rider to fall off their horse bought beer for the team, a tradition that remains in place today. Eventually mallets, saddles and a few polo ponies were donated to the “cowboy games” and in 1991, a real polo club was born.

Today the Sarasota Polo Club spans 170 acres. Our world-class facilities include: 45 private equestrian estates, 7 Bermuda grass polo fields, a regulation-sized polo arena, a half-mile all weather exercise track, dedicated stick & ball fields, a polo school, riding trails, on-site stabling for up to 300 horses, and a midfield polo pavilion.

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Learn to Play Polo

If you watch polo as a spectator, you may find the idea of learning to play daunting. On the contrary, polo can be enjoyed by everyone, both men and women of any age. A passion for learning something new and exciting is all one needs to start playing the game. The Sarasota Polo Club offers a unique program enabling people of all ages and abilities to learn to play or just learn to ride. Students will learn basic horsemanship, swing mechanics, rules of the game and most importantly-have fun!

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We Salute our Players! Through their dedication and commitment to the sport, the Sarasota Polo Club is able to provide our community with the most exhilarating sport played today.

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